to RadioBrain Consulting.

We Build  Revenues & Accelerating INcome.

If you are curious enough about our services email us:

info (at) radiobrain.gr or call us at


and you may be surprised by our level of expertise in

various business sectors and fields.

We mainly do and support:

Radio (FM & WEB) in Strategy, Research, Program, Music, Acoustics, Promotion & Marketing),

Investing  (Stock Markets, Futures, Commodities, Currencies, Bonds & Real Estate)

Business Consulting, Strategy,  Research, Finance, Innovation  & Marketing (Digital – Traditional)

Information Technology  Services &  Consulting, System Integration, web presence – hosting, data mining, ERP, CRM, tech & software support, etc.

and finally we do import and distribute

High End Audio Equipment, through our

Audio Harmony division.

You name THE problem, we find THE solution!

Petros Polimenakos, Msc

Managing Partner